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About Us

Zizwe Financial Co-op Ltd offers accounting, financial solutions and wealth management opportunities, with the intention to impact the economic and social wellbeing of ordinary South Africans.

Our Vision

Building a lasting legacy through wealth creation and management thereof.

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Our Services


Savings & Lending

Saving includes handing deposits into our savings account, as well as lending money to our clients.

Finance & Wealth Management

Wealth Management, Consulting, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services (Personal and Business), Investment Portfolios Management, Individual or Company Tax Return Services

Financial Advisory

Financial advisory services that can help with due diligence on investments, provide valuation services for businesses. We also guide clients in the right direction when making financial decisions.



Zizwe Coop is sister organization to Mind To Build The Nations. With Zizwe Financial Co-op Ltd, our members are affiliated  members of Mind To Build The Nations. To register with Mind To Build The Nations, CLICK  HERE, or visit www.mindtobuildthenations.com

Membership Requirements

Must be 18 years or above

South African Citizen

Have a valid South African ID